1. Keep in mind the kind of lifestyle you want 

Envisioning the type of lifestyle you want for yourself is the best motivation to save money. Although the levels of posh may vary, there is not a single person in this world who doesn’t want a good life if not a fancy one. So it is quite apparent that the trick will work wonders in getting a person to save. What you can do additionally is draft an approximate budget of the items you have always dreamt of buying yourself and save accordingly. So make sure you let the future motivate you and give you a reason not to splurge all your hard earned money as and when you receive it.


2. Always think before you finalize on a purchase 

When you are looking to save, it is extremely important to be able to differentiate between a need and a want. Therefore always ensure that you do not end up spending money on things that you may want at that moment but definitely do not need. Always only purchase things that you need to live a comfortable life until you are ready to splurge on things that are worth more money.


Before purchase

3. Visit a Financial Boot Camp 

Financial boot camps are involved in conducting a fast-paced, tough-love approach to provide all the those who enroll with financial knowledge and skill sets that they require to make necessary changes in their budget planning. Enrolling in this will help you learn some basics in finance and also enable you to meet many like-minded people who have the same end goal. Two of the most famous boot camps one can try a hand at are LearnVest.com and MyMoneyCircles.com.


4. Put your intention to splurge on a highly controlled diet 

Just like we diet when we want to shed a few kilos, it is a good idea to follow a financial diet to burn some expenditure calories. The way to do it is to assign two days a week as a no-spend day and entirely curb any expenditure that day except for maybe a few basic or emergency requirements. Doing this will help build your confidence if you are successful at it.



5. Trick yourself 

Sometimes the best person to help you save is you. If you can not directly motivate yourself into saving money for a rainy day or any other purpose, then it is a good idea to keep an eye of the changing scenarios around you and use it to your advantage and trick yourself into saving. Currently, people’s paychecks are being reduced by around 2 percent owing to a temporary cut in the Social Security tax, and this is set to expire on December 31. What you can do is use this situation to your advantage and adjust a new paycheck amount to your benefit and put on some savings on automatic pilot. This will help prevent your dollar from socking away as you have already made an adjustment.